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  • How many ways can you show your gratitude? 
  • Where are you in your multiple intelligence?


Consulting vs Coaching

You need help. Now what? Good news - we offer both consulting and coaching. To help you sort out the differences, levels and type of services being offered....

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Requesting connection

Just one step away from finding out how we can work together. Recognizing you have many choices, we are delighted that you are visiting us here. Please drop us a line and let us know how we can best serve you by clicking the link and provide us as much detail as possible the nature of your request. Someone will contact you shortly...


Meet the team

Today's complex issues require broad range of services. We're proud to offer you fast access to experienced and well regarded experts to meet your needs. ...

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According to a Zen adage, "For the bird of enlightenment to fly, it must have two wings: the wing of wisdom, and the wing of compassion." If either wing is broken, the bird cannot fly. I work with clients so they can fly with both wings.